3 Customer-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Dining Area Trees Bird Free

Posted on: 11 July 2018

There are few things more enjoyable than dining on a delicious meal while seated outside a classy restaurant. If the weather's nice, you can work on your tan, breathe fresh air and watch the world go by. That's the beauty of outdoor dining areas. However, humans aren't the only species with a penchant for outdoor dining areas. Birds love them too.

Although bird poop coffee might be growing in popularity, it's hardly taking the world by storm. And you can be pretty sure that bird poop pizza is not the kind of daily special customers are looking for. But how do you keep the birds out of the trees in your dining area without disturbing your customers? Here are a few customer-friendly tips.

Bird Netting

One worry that restaurant owners may have is using bird deterrents that might also affect their customers. For example, hanging CDs and shiny ribbons from overhead trees may ruin the ambiance of an outdoor dining area. Instead, restaurant owners could use bird netting to keep birds at bay.

Not only is bird netting versatile, in that you can string it from buildings and over trees in any direction, but it is less of an eyesore than traditional methods. Bird netting is also strong enough to withstand pecking and clawing. If you want to conserve the view of your customers while keeping birds away, bird netting is a great solution.

Animal-Shaped Toys That Move

Although fake owls and birds of prey might work for a short while, birds quickly figure out that they are harmless. Moreover, in order to get the best out of them, you need to move them from place to place. This can be dangerous and time consuming.

A better solution is moving toys. Toy snakes, spiders and other bird predators that move are a much better solution. Although you will at first need to place them up in the surrounding trees, once switched on, their constant movements will keep birds from landing near them. Though you will have to change the batteries often, this is a non-intrusive way to scare birds away.

Call in the Experts

Pest control services use a variety of methods to keep birds away. However, every case is different, so you'll first need to consult with a pest control expert before they can settle on a suitable method of deterring the birds. For example, they may remove nests from the area, install bird wire and netting or use electronic deterrents that deliver a mild shock to birds.

An outdoor dining area is a big plus for any restaurant. However, remember that customers won't take kindly to birds ruining their meal. If you have just opened a new restaurant or have noticed a recent influx of birds, call a pest control service like Blakes Pest Management to help you keep birds away from your diners.