• Are Termites Making a Noise in Your Walls?

    Termites don't tend to advertise their presence in your home. They can be inside for a while before you realise they are there. Sometimes, you only find out that you have a problem when you spot signs of damage. However, sometimes you can spot signs of termite activity earlier than this. For example, you may even be able to hear them in your walls. While termites may not be noisy neighbours, they may make sounds that are loud enough to hear if you listen at a wall.
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  • Top Signs That Your Commercial Property Is Infested with Termites

    Most commercial properties still use timber in windows and doors, or as woodwork to furnish the building. Since the quality of wood determines the price of the wood product, some property owners end up compromising on the type of wood they select for the building. And, as a result of using cheaper wood products that haven't been treated for pests and insects in construction, pest infestation can occur. One of the incredibly destructive pests that destroy wood products in a short time is termites.
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