Prevention Tips for Keeping Termites Out of Your Home

Posted on: 13 July 2018

Termites are among the most discrete pests, and you may never notice their presence in your home until it's too late. They usually tend to feed in areas that are hidden, and this means that you will probably find them in those closed cabinets in your kitchen. You also have to worry about them infesting your outdoor space as well.

Unlike interior infestation, an exterior one may even be harder to detect, especially if you have a vast garden. That's why you need to observe the following prevention tips that will help you keep these pesky creatures out of your home and garden.

Manage timber on your garden

Termites are always attracted to cellulose, and if you have any wood lying around in your garden, it will form the perfect breeding ground for them. The reason for this is because timber has some levels of moisture, and this allows termites to feed on the wood and breed comfortably. Prevent termites by managing all the forms of timber in your garden. First, get rid of any stumps that were left behind after cutting down trees or shrubs in the yard. Second, store your firewood or timber in a shed or garage to keep termites away. If you have to keep it outdoors, avoid direct contact with the ground and cover it with a tarp to keep out pests.

Fix water leaks in your home

Termites are usually attracted to areas with a high level of moisture. So if you have water leaks in your gutters and plumbing fixtures, they will make it easy for the pests to access your home and breed. To avoid this, be on the lookout for water leaks in both your indoor and outdoor plumbing pipes, under the sinks, and in the crawl spaces. Check for leaks in your roof and gutters as well and fix them immediately to avoid water damage and pest infestation in your attic. Finally, if you water your garden or use sprinklers, make sure that the water does not soak up your foundation. That's because if water comes into contact with your siding, the wet timber will attract termites.

Mulch appropriately

When you have flowers and plants around your home, you may want to use mulch to supplement the nutrients. When used incorrectly, mulch can encourage a termite infestation in your home. If you pile mulch near your home's siding, the moisture and warmth from the mulch will attract termites to the siding. Since most homes use wood for their siding, the termites will feed on the timber and deteriorate it. To avoid this, keep mulch away from your siding. If you have plants near the building, keep your mulch levels a few inches below the siding.

Contact a termite control company for an inspection and control so that you can protect your home's indoor and outdoor space.