4 things you have to treat to get rid of termites completely

Posted on: 27 July 2018

Termites are a menacing pest especially when you cannot figure out where their nest is. You can be very frustrated when you notice parts of your cupboards and furniture slowly fading into dust. However, you should not lose hope because there are several effective ways for termite treatment, which can help you get rid of the tiny terrorists completely. Below are four of these effective techniques.

1. Treat the soil around your house

All termites must have had a medium through which they came into your house. Most times, it is plants that are connected to the moist, soft soil. Termites love the warmth that moist soil gives them and whenever they can find it, they comfortably move in. If you love gardening or farming, you must have some soil around your house. 

Whether it is close to the house or a few meters away, the soil should undergo termite treatment if you have a termite problem or when you are concerned about a potential invasion. Call a professional pest controller, and they will apply insecticides that will repel the termites but keep your plants safe. You do not have to worry about that. You may, however, want to move your garden a few meters away from your house to make termite contact difficult.

2. Treat the wood

Wood is to termites what water is to fish. They thrive on the smell and taste of timber. All your wooden belongings must, therefore, undergo termite treatment without any exceptions. No matter how polished or waxed a wooden article is, termites will find a way to make a meal out of it. You would rather have the items treated and safe than repaired or replaced.

3. Treat the bait

If you have set out bait wood or other food for the termites, let it also go through termite treatment. Since termites cannot be caught in traps like vermin, they have to be tricked using other methods. Allow the professionals to handle the termite treating process to avoid harming yourself and spreading the poison around the house.

4. Treat the rubbish

Yes, you heard me right. Sometimes termites opt to invade rubbish bins because they will get easier and more foods than inside your house. You should know that termites also eat cardboard, paper and other wood related items. All these are an obvious find inside the garbage bins. Termite treatment of the bins will keep the termites at bay, which can also repel them completely from your household.