Spider Control Methods

Posted on: 9 August 2018

Spiders, despite their small size, are among the most feared pests. This is because some have toxic venom that could kill. However, it is rare to find poisonous spiders in your home. Nonetheless, their presence in the house is never appealing. Spiders weave webs in corners, thereby degrading your home's interior. Spider control shouldn't only be initiated when you have a spider infestation in your home. You should make it a regular activity as a preventive measure against spider infestation.

Below are some effective spider control methods.

Sealing off entry points

Inspect windows, doors, chimneys and other potential spider entry points. Spiders are small and only require a small opening to get into your house. Seal these areas or put mesh in areas that cannot be sealed.


Spiders will hide or build their webs in areas where items are rarely moved. Make it a habit to clean all corners and rooms in your house regularly. All cobwebs in your home should be removed during cleaning. Bushes around your house might also harbor spiders. As such, you should clear them.

Manual removal

Spiders will rarely be in groups. If you spot a spider, ensure you kill and discard it. Alternatively, you can suck it up with a vacuum cleaner. Always wear gloves when handling spiders or spider webs. You can also choose to trap spiders using sticky traps.

Chemical methods

Chemical methods are very effective but should only be used in severe infestation, as they are harmful to the environment. When spraying pesticide, you must have protective wear to prevent contact with the pesticide.

Eliminating spider prey

Spiders will come into your house if they have something to feed on. Spider prey include insects such as moths, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. If these insects are absent, spiders will either move out or starve to death.

Light bulbs should face away from your doors. At night insects are attracted to the lights, so it is common for spiders to go hunt them. As such, spiders may build their nests near these areas, as it is close to their hunting grounds.

Another effective spider control method is spraying peppermint around the areas of entry. The smell keeps away spiders and insects.

Spider control is easy because spiders mostly live alone. To keep spiders away from your home, seal potential entry points and ensure your house is regularly cleaned. You can also remove the spiders manually, use an insecticide or eliminate spider prey.