Commercial Pest Control

Posted on: 30 November 2018

Pests at the workplace can be quite troublesome. They not only create a bad business image to your customers; they also make your employees uncomfortable while working. As such, a business person must take all kinds of measures to prevent pest infestation at the place of work. Below are a few ways you can control pests at your business premises or office. 

Food storage

The office kitchen can be a source of pests. Take the following measures to prevent kitchen pests. 

  • All foods should be kept in tightly sealed containers.
  • The kitchen should be kept clean at all times. The working surfaces, floor and benches should be cleaned of any food particles.
  • Clean kitchen appliances such as stoves, ovens and the refrigerator on a regular basis.
  • In case you notice bugs in the kitchen, you can use simple control methods such as spraying peppermint oil or cinnamon to repel them. 


The office washroom should be clean at all times. Do not dump materials that cannot discompose into the drainage system. Also, pump the septic tank on a regular basis. Practice responsible waste disposal methods. Ensure that the rubbish bin is regularly emptied. For medical institutions, incinerate medical waste on a daily basis. Do not dispose of it together with other kinds of office waste.  

Regular inspection

Frequently conduct pest inspection at the workplace. Preferably, you should ask a pest inspector to conduct such works. The inspector will check the building's foundation, roof, walls and windows for any signs of pests. After this, he or she will provide you with a pest inspection report with a few recommendations on how to exterminate pests or prevent pests from infesting the workplace. 

To prevent pests from gaining entry into the premises, conduct regular landscaping. Some flower varieties attract a lot of bees during the flowering season. If you have to plant such flowers, plant them in areas where there is little human traffic. Pests such as rodents will hide in bushes hence ensure that you clear any bushes around the office. The doors and windows should be tightly shut after work to prevent pest entry. If your workplace is exposed to wildlife such as feral cats, rabbits or feral dogs, the best way to prevent their entry is erecting a fence around the business premises. 

Commercial pest control involves responsible food storage, ensuring hygiene and conducting regular inspections. You should take all measures to prevent pest entry into the workplace.