What It Means To Spot Fleas After A Chemical Treatment And What You Can Do About It

Posted on: 30 December 2018

On average, fleas live for only up to two or three months. However, they breed very fast, and a handful of fleas hiding in your pet's fur coat can quickly turn into a real infestation.

Why Expert Flea Control?

Over-the-counter pest control products and home remedies are not the most effective options when it comes to dealing with a flea infestation in your home. Your best bet is to call in a professional pest control service with the relevant skill and experience in flea control. The exterminators will make use of top-quality flea removal products and techniques to get rid of fleas from your home.

What About Post-Treatment Sightings?

For one to two weeks after treatment, you may spot some fleas here and there. This will, without a doubt, give you a reason to question the effectiveness of the flea control treatment. This is very common, and as your flea control expert will tell you, it's expected.

This is because these fleas were in the pupal development stage during the initial treatment and will have finally morphed into adult fleas by the time you see them. A professional pest control team will anticipate this, and that is why they will use a treatment that includes a residual flea control product.

For maximum efficiency of the residual treatment, and to avoid a re-infestation, here is a look at three things you can do to

1. Thoroughly Vacuum Your Home After The Treatment

 The vibrations from the vacuum cleaner will stimulate the pupal fleas that are not caught in the vacuum to quickly grow out of their cocoons and into adult fleas. These adult fleas will then be exposed to the residual treatment and die.

You should keep up the thorough vacuuming for at least two weeks post-treatment. Additionally, ensure that you pay special attention to carpeted areas, upholstered furniture and all the spots around your house where your pets spend a lot of their time.

2. Watch How And Where You Dispose Of The Trash Bags

Take out the trash bag after every vacuuming. Ensure that you tightly seal the bag and dispose of it in a bin outside the house.

3. Avoid Using Detergents On Your Floors And Carpets

For at least two weeks after the flea control treatment, avoid using cleaners and detergents because these will remove the residual treatment. During this time, stick to just vacuuming around the house.

Seeing fleas around your home after the flea control treatment is common. It does not mean that you need a repeat of the treatment.